Gianluca Monaco


The Internet is our comfort zone

A manifesto for the future generations

You have 10 days to do everything (in Dutch)

Do you know Steve Ballmer?

Making 15k likes on a Facebook page

When objects will have memories

Web slot machine

Press SPIN to play with the slot machine.
When you get three screens of the same website you can get some CASH.

Realized with jQuery-SlotMachine by Jose Luis Represa

Sorry, you should have a bigger screen to experience this.


Biography I am Gianluca Monaco. Born in Catania (1992). Currently based in Amsterdam. Education Piano Diploma (2011); Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Isia Urbino (2014); Master Degree in Relational Design at Abadir (2015). Work Co-founder of Studio Super Santos in Palermo (2014 - current); Visual and Interaction Designer at Lava Lab (2015 - current). Social I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest.