I am Gianluca Monaco.

In 2019 I updated this website.

In 2018 I made one webpage per day, between April and June.

In 2018 I started deleting one Facebook friend per day until I have no more friends.

In 2018 I mixed all the letters on my LinkedIn profile.

In 2018 I made an Instagram story every time I went to the toilet.

In 2018 I was interviewed twice.

In 2018 I wrote 9 poems.

In 2018 I worked on 11 websites.

In 2017 I exhibited 'Sole Cuore Amore' at Ritmo, Catania.

In 2017 I posted on Facebook one existential question per day.

In 2017 I wrote 'ciao' to all my Facebook friends.

In 2017 I wrote 47 poems.

In 2017 I worked on 12 websites.

In 2016 I posted on Twitter random ideas to be sold or stolen.

In 2016 I published my website adding one CSS element per day.

In 2016 I worked on 16 websites.

In 2012 I made a video recording one word per day.

Title Description Date
This website This is a link to this page 01/04/2018
Make Data Small Again Nobody gives a f*ck about your data 02/04/2018
One pixel per day What if websites could grow like humans? 03/04/2018
Volare, ooh oh Follow my flight from 21:35 to 23:10 04/04/2018
Open call: new name Do you have suggestions? 05/04/2018
<a href="gianlucamonaco.com"> Behind the scenes of a webpage 06/04/2018
Make it rain Today there was the sun 07/04/2018
Slow web: Vol.1 Are we addicted to scrolling? 08/04/2018
L'Internet delle ... cose Ma di quali cose esattamente? 09/04/2018
Windows XPring Click on the screen to let the magic happen 10/04/2018
AdUnblock Because I never use AdBlock 11/04/2018
Inversione Se ruoti ad una GIF ottieni... 12/04/2018
Open Sesame Scroll to open 13/04/2018
You are here Is Internet a space? Is Internet a place? 14/04/2018
You are not here Is Internet a non-space? Is Internet a non-place? 16/04/2018
Nomen omen What is your my name? 17/04/2018
Your browser is an accordion On desktop, resize the window. On mobile, rotate the screen 18/04/2018
I❤NY Homage to Milton Glaser 19/04/2018
Sono andato in bagno The official report 20/04/2018
Klein Blue Piccolissimo 21/04/2018
Make war not Instagram stories Instagram, 23-29 Aprile 2018 22/04/2018
Drug and drop Drop it like it's hot 23/04/2018
Tocca per riprovare Loading... 24/04/2018
Crypto Keyboard Turn anything you write into cryptocurrency 25/04/2018
Slow Web: vol.2 Why terms and conditions are so boring? 26/04/2018
Ciao amici I will delete one Facebook friend per day 27/04/2018
SuCoin The only currency that can only grow 29/04/2018
&#128169; Net artist's shit 30/04/2018
3=D in 3D Drag with the mouse to turn around 01/05/2018
20 domande Ho rivolto ai miei amici di Facebook una domanda al giorno sul nostro rapporto con la tecnologia 02/05/2018
AdBlock Get your unique chance to visit Egypt 03/05/2018
Google API A quick guide 04/05/2018
Pollo al kerning Challenge your friends to make the perfect kerning 05/05/2018
Fan cool Da dedicare a chi ha bisogno di prendere una bella boccata d'aria 06/05/2018
Subtract Click to remove one letter 07/05/2018
No al ponte Zuckerberg wants to erase the distinction between the physical and the virtual world 08/05/2018
Dolci & Gabbiani Collezione primavera estate 2018 09/05/2018
What if the Bible Scroll to leaf through 10/05/2018
La ricreazione Facciamo l'Internet a nostra immagine e a nostra somiglianza 12/05/2018
La RepHub Pitch for the new identity of La Repubblica 13/05/2018
u t o p i a Variations 14/05/2018
Finger twister The ultimate smartphone game 15/05/2018
Tell me a secret I won't tell anybody 16/05/2018
In estate Story of my life 18/05/2018
Press release Nothing to declare 19/05/2018
Frizzante Che ti solletica gli occhi 20/05/2018
MRNZN To be continued... 21/05/2018
Repeating things Won't make you a better graphic designer 22/05/2018
Buttons C'è chi dice siano un promemoria della disuguaglianza di genere 23/05/2018
Hamburger menu menu Classic, with cheese, with pickles 24/05/2018
Stretched Sembra Gursky ma non è 25/05/2018
Stretched II Sembra Gursky e lo è 26/05/2018
Vacci liscio Solitario state of mind 27/05/2018
Saturare la banda Hacking lesson n.1 28/05/2018
Elon Mask C'è la maschera di ferro, c'è la maschera di Pippo... 30/05/2018
ANSIA.it Disturbo aggiornativo compulsivo 31/05/2018
The scroll race Who will be the first to scroll 1 million pixels? 01/06/2018
Car snake Urban reinterpretation of the most popular game for mobile phone 03/06/2018
Breve introduzione all'HTML Concetti ed elementi di base dell'HTML - Work in progress 04/06/2018
Web slot machine Have fun with the websites I've worked on during the last two years 06/06/2018
Devo dirti due cose Molto importanti 08/06/2018
Slow Web: vol.3 Why so serious? 12/06/2018